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In the course of a judge's career there are only a handful of cases that the judge remembers ... in terms of complexity and the legal issues that are presented, certainly Moeller vs. Farmers [is] one of those cases that the Court will not forget, and it's because of all of you. You have been extremely professional and competent in your representation of your clients, and the Court sincerely appreciates that.

— Superior Court Judge Vicki L. Hogan

March 12, 2015   [ read now on CW39 Houston ]

The Hayes Law Firm has just embarked on a landmark case demanding justice for longtime Aggie endowed donors who want their 'lifetime' agreement to premium seats at football games to be honored by Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation

HOUSTON, TX — Hundreds of Texas A&M alumni are looking for answers after a lifetime agreement they made with the 12th Man Foundation is being threatened... [ read now on CW39 Houston ]

September 18, 2015   [ read now on publicjustice.net ]

Corporate America & 13 Years of Anti-Judicial Propaganda

The US Chamber of Commerce's ongoing propaganda war has led State Courts to increasingly rule in favor of Big Business, hurting the average citizen [ read now on publicjustice.net ]

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Lead Counsel in cases prior to Moeller Settlement resulting in over $150 million in settlements with insurers nationwide.
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“Our client believes that an Aggie’s word should be his bond. Promises should be kept   …   Integrity should be more important than fundraising.   ‒ Debra Hayes
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Stock Broker Fraud Cases

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Larson v. UBS PaineWebber, Inc., docket no. 2003-014460, Mr. Larson was awarded $951,569.66 as a result of UBS’ conduct in selling him variable annuities.
[dhayes_larson_ubs_award.pdf, 440kb ]